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Case Study

McWilliams Children and the Law Lab

Screenshot of CUNY's web application
Screenshot of CUNY's web application

The City University of New York has a multitude of different majors, many of which include sciences. In light of coronavirus, a lab directly sponsored by the university and their criminal justice department, the McWilliams Children and the Law Lab, was in need of a platform in which they can conduct surveys. As it once stood, the university made use of Qualtrics' survey platform to conduct digital interviews. However, it quickly became cumbersome. Haticus developed an entire new platform in which children and their parents can under go studies in a secure environment. We embedded their surveys into our own platform which exhibited both audio and video monitoring of the participants which was then viewable by the university upon survey completion. With this new application, researchers could then cross verify and validate each and every subject's results.

As exhibited by the individuals at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Haticus was able to adapt quickly to client needs with absolute satisfaction.

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