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Site auditing

It's not always obvious what is causing your site to slow down, or why your page ranking isn't as high as you think it should be. Get your site audited and find out the hidden culprits.


How does site auditing work?

Screenshot of a Haticus client audit
Screenshot of a client's 100/100 point audit

Google Lighthouse and Google PageSpeed Insights provide a variety of tools to test multiple aspects of a website and fine tune deficits for both desktop and mobile experiences. This includes but isn't limited to the performance of the site, whether or not the site has been developed with best practices in mind, whether the site is accessible, and whether or not the website has met search engine optimization standards. All of these are clearly important to us, which is why we audit sites free of charge and deliver each of our websites with its own audit report. If you're interested in seeing how your website stands and what we can do for you, please contact us, when convenient.

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